Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduled orders can be created by visiting My Account > Scheduled Orders and clicking “Create Schedule”.

Yes, you will have to pay prior to the collection of your order via the online ordering system. We accept all credit/debit cards and PayPal.

As a small business, we are unable to take on payment transaction fees on some purchases, including the bulk ordering system. We are now charging a Payment Surcharge on all transactions on this site and in-store. Fees are set by the payment gateway of your choosing, whom we continuously negotiate with to reduce fees.

You will be sent a text message to the number that was used to place the order along with an email with collection details including store hours, which is sent to your registered email.

Orders MUST be placed by Monday 5PM. These are fresh meat, our availability is calculated to the kilo, meaning late orders are not possible.

The status section on the header of this page will tell you what week orders are currently being taken for.

Starting October, 2022, The Pet Fresh Hire Container Program is no longer running, and instead we are recommending customers bring their own containers. If your unable to bring you’re own container, we can vacuum seal your meat.

Containers must be provided to any of our stores by Monday 5:00pm for the week of your order. If you fail to bring your container in before this cutoff, your order will be packaged in a plastic vacuum-sealed bag.

  • Your container must be 5.5l in volume or higher (to fit 5KG).
  • Sealable (preferably with snap lock).
  • Have your name and phone number clearly labelled on the lid and base – We can do this for you in-store.

When placing your order, you will get the option to save your card details. This will allow for a quicker checkout on your next order, as you can just select the pre-saved payment method. Payment information is secured by our 3-rd party, fully accredited secure payment provider.

If you call your order through to our team, we are unable to use your saved payment method due to security reasons, you will either have to provide your details again, or create an order online.

ccccccccccc This can change on a weekly basis. We will send you a text when it’s ready to collect.

All bulk orders require a minimum order of 5KG and are ordered in 5KG Increments. We cannot package your order into smaller amounts than this – If you are looking for smaller packs, we recommend you look at our pre-packaged range.

The premium isĀ  the meat by itself. It us a a non-balanced meat only blend. It is mainly used by customers who make their own food (D.I.Y.) and and their own veggies, supplements and offal.

Our Supermix formula is a comprehensive mix of vitamins and minerals in the form of vegetables and supplements which ensure your pup has a balanced meal.

The small amount of garlic that is included in our supermix is safe. To reach any sort of toxicity levels, you would have to feed a substantially larger amount. There are many studies that research and describe the benefits of feeding garlic being, and how it is safe for dogs to have, when fed correctly. As a whole, there would be no more than 2 per cent maximum in any of our supermix blends. Not only is garlic recorded as being immune-boosting but it naturally produces antibiotic and anti-parasitic properties. 

You can view all the benefits of the supermix blend here:

As bulk orders are fresh, we cannot deliver this to your door. Bulk orders need to be collected from one of our store locations.

If your looking for delivery products, check out our online delivery range of Pre-Packaged Meals, Treats, Supplements, Biscuits and Rolls.

We will update the products which are available for ordering after the previous weeks cut-off (Monday 5PM). Sometimes, throughout the week, we may add more products. Check back regularly to see if there is anything new.

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